My Liebster Award 2017

liebster award


The blogging community is so inspiring, friendly and helpful with so many talented writers blogging about so many different topics, so take your pick whether it’s lifestyle and beauty, travel or parenting and everything else  in between there is a blog about it, and I feel honoured to play such a small part in this amazing community. My blog is still very new and I am still very much finding my way and making my mark within the community, and whilst trying to do so I have come into contact with some amazing fellow bloggers with amazing blogs!

A few days ago I was nominated by Holly Stafford from the amazing blog that is Holly On A Blog (can be found here) for the Liebster Award 2017 which is a tag that has been floating around the blogosphere for some time. It has been created to allow new bloggers promote other blogs that are new.

I have also been nominated by Sima and Marilyn who’s blogs are also great and can be found through the links, I’m going to answer Holly’s questions seen as she tagged my first but thank you all for your nominations!

There are a few rules:

  1. Recognise the blogger who tagged you on at least one social media platform
  2. Answer the 11 Questions you were as,ed
  3. Tag 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers on Twitter
  4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees

Time to answer the 11 questions from Holly, keep reading to find out my 11 nominees!

1. Explain your blogs name

As you can probably tell my blog name is a bit of a pun, which one of my amazing friends helped my think of, It came to mind because I hate people spelling my name wrong (with an ie) so if for any reason some one is writing my name down (in Starbucks) I will always say Holly with a y, so seen as my blog is somewhere that I’m going to discuss things and review Holly With A Why seemed perfect!

2. Your Blogging Do and Don’t

Do keep up to date with social media (something I need to improve on) and draft/reread blog posts before posting them to make sure there are no spelling/grammar mistakes.

Don’t promise things to your readers that you can’t deliver (again something I am guilty for when I promised posting twice a week-this is the beginning of a new start)

3. What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Be yourself and don’t care what other people think because their opinions don’t matter as long as your happy. 

4. What summer trend are you loving?

Most definitely the mirrored sunglasses and floral print dresses which you can find loads of lovely ones on the highstreet.

5. Craziest thing you’ve eaten? 

Having done quite a lot of travelling I have eaten quite a few strange things but the craziest was probably Doliphin when I was in Barbados.

6. What inspires your blog? 

I wouldn’t say there was anything that soly inspires my blog just my own experiences and opinions and just whatever I feel like writing about and sharing.

7. Where do you see your blog in 3 years? 

In three years I would like my blog to have a fairly decent following and as hopefully by then I will be in my 3rd year of university I would like my blog to have taken a turn to more student focused posts.

8. Who was the last person you followed on Twitter?


9. Favourite cosmetic/skincare brand? 

I love so many different cosmetic and skincare brands but I’d have to say my favourite is Urban decay as I think they do all types of products really well.

10. Who is your style icon?

I don’t have a specific style icon, I just wear what I like, I like to keep fairly on trend but stick to my individual style which I would put on the slightly ‘preppy’ end of the scale.

11. What blog should we all be following? 

Well apart from mine 😉

I do genuinely enjoy reading Holly’s blog (linked above) and discovering new bloggers which is why I have really enjoyed this tag.


So there we have it! Maybe you have learnt a little bit more about me from reading this and thank you so much again to Holly for nominating me (seriously go and check out her blog!)

Here are my nominations:












My Questions:

  1. What made you start a blog?
  2. What influences your blog posts?
  3. Where would you like to see your blog next summer?
  4. Which blog have you been reading the longest?
  5. Would you consider liking your blog to a YouTube channel?
  6. What is your favourite hobby apart from blogging?
  7. Where is your favourite holiday destination that you have visited?
  8. Where would you love to go that you have never been before?
  9. What is your favourite beauty product?
  10. What is your favourite blog post you’ve written?
  11. Why should we all read your blog?

Love Hol x

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