Waterproof Eyeshadow?


As someone who is always looking for new ways to make my makeup last as long as possible especially in the hot summer months when sometimes it can feel as though your makeup has completely sweated off after 2 hours! This product really caught my eye, the Clarins Ombré Waterproof Eyeshadow, marketing themselves as cream shimmer eyeshadow that is totally waterproof. I knew I had to try them out and see if they lived up to the claims so I bought 2 shades: Copper Brown and Golden

Top Shade: Copper Brown Bottom Shade: Golden Sand
These cream shadows retail for £18, come in 4 shades and are available from most Clarins conseccions and online at Boots and Selfridges.

I tried both shades out and took note of durability, pigmentation, blendability and of course whether they were really waterproof!

The pigmentation of this product is not fabulous on first application but is definitely buildable, however as you build the colour I found the appearance of the shimmer to decrease, so if you are looking for a highly pigmented, high shimmer cream shadow this one is not for you! Whereas if you are looking for something that will give a light wash of colour and a shimmery sheen to the lids I think you would love this product.
On first application these shadows have a really nice consistency and texture however they do dry down extremely quickly making them more difficult to work with as once dry they are difficult to blend out so you need to work quickly! These shadows lasted really well even without a primer as a base and looked really nice when used with both other cream and powder shadows!

The look I achieved using Golden Sand
Now on to the big question…Are they really waterproof??? My answer would be most definitely! I was really impressed with the waterproof formula of these, they only way I could remove the swatches off my hand was with a good scrub with a makeup wipe or micellar water on a cotton wool pad!

Overall I think these shadows would be fab for certain people, if you’re looking for a long lasting colour that works both on its own and with other eye shadows I would definitely recommend these too you! However if you are looking for a high colour, high shimmer cream shadow that blends beautifully to give you a seamless, quick everyday eye look, I’m not sure these would be for you.

Love Hol x

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