I’m Holly (spelt with a y as the name of my blog suggests), I am 19 and about to jump into my first year at university.

I have just finished my A levels so have got a long summer ahead of me which I hope to be full of amazing adventures and experiences with my family and friends. I wanted to share these along with some beauty and lifestyle tips, reviews and maybe some ‘How to’s’ as well as some posts about my adventures at uni and what I learn as my higgledy  piggledy life goes on.

The main reason for me starting this blog is to share my experiences and advice with others to try to help wherever I can, it will also allow me to share what I love with the world on my very own little corner of the internet.

I hope to post twice a week on a Wednesday and Saturday evening, I am open to any  post suggestions that you would enjoy reading and I hope you enjoy my content.

Thought I would pop a picture of myself in so you could match words and a name to a face.

Love Hols x

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